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…just got another call for an interview..this caller i.d. said “Paramont Pictures” …it was a lady..calling about being on TV again..but not a news interview..and not to do a movie..but another opportunity i’d definitely call FABULOUS!!! Details coming up after I finish handling this business…


Ring..Ring..Ring..who is calling me at 5:52 in the morning?

I picked up the phone and the lady on the other end began to speak..letting me know that she’s with a radio station and heard about my story. She was calling to see if it would be ok to do a phone interview with me. Sure! At what time? 6:45am..LoL. Yes, in less than an hour from the call. As I hung up the phone, I knew I had to wake up and prepare myself. I did not want people to hear my sleepy voice 🙂

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A Florida woman in desperate need of a kidney donor is hoping to find one by posting on Craigslist. HLN reports

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Hello my name is Selina Hodges and I am 28 years old.I’ve been dealing with health problems since birth. Doctors said I would never be able to walk but I proved them wrong. They call it Spina Bifida, I call it Blessed. A few years ago I was diagnosed with Kidney failure and now I’ve been on dialysis for 3 years so far.

I just made the national kidney transplant waiting list September 2010 so it’s been almost a year. Recently, my mother suggested that I go on Craigslist and post an ad about me needing a kidney donor. Since then, my story has spread throughout the world. It started with a local news station reaching out to me, letting me know they found my Craigslist post. I decided to do the interview with them, and little did I know, everyone would want to know “who’s that girl that posted on Craigslist for a kidney?”


PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — Selina Hodge, 28, is never alone at night. She spends nine hours hooked to a dialysis machine.

Hodge was born with spina bifida. Her kidneys started to fail a few years ago. She was put on a kidney transplant list in September, but Hodge said she fears the waiting list won’t save her.

That’s when her mother had an idea.

“I’m always on Craigslist just looking at things,” Hodge said. “And my mom told me to post on Craigslist about me needing a kidney.”

Hodge said she gave it a try in May but didn’t get a response.
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PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – Selina Hodge is already on a typical donor waiting list, but that route could take several years. So the 28-year old is taking her search for a new kidney into her own hands.

Dialysis is keeping Hodge alive, but she says it’s also keeping her from living. Each day begins with Hodge taking nearly a dozen different medications.

Every night, Selina is hooked up to a dialysis machine for nine hours. “It helps me stay alive, but it’s slowing me down from what I really want to do in life,” said Hodge.

Selina was diagnosed with kidney failure four years ago. Now, she’s on a waiting list for a donor. Hodge already looked to family and friends, none of whom can help because of health issues or they are not a good match.
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PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — 28-year-old Selina Hodge was born with Spina Bifida. It is a condition the caused her kidneys to fail three years ago. She has been on the waiting list since September, but recently decided to increase her chances of saving her life by turning to Craigslist.

“Actually, the whole Craigslist idea was my moms. She was like while you’re on Craigslist, you should post for a kidney,” said Selina.

And so that’s exactly what Selina Hodge did back in May and then again last Thursday. Using Craigslist to ask people if they might consider donating a kidney to her. A generous stranger now being her only chance of survival.
“Family, friends not a match, either because of health or blood type,” said Selina.

Born with Spina Bifida, Selina has already had her share of health problems. She has had to wear leg braces her whole life. Then, three years ago her kidneys failed, forcing her to go on dialysis.
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