Selina's Search

By Bob LaMendola
, Sun Sentinel
July 21, 2011

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Selina Hodge is tired of being on kidney dialysis for nine hours a day and still feeling sick, so she is taking a long shot: She is begging for a kidney donor – on Craigslist.

The practice is legal, has been done for years and succeeds on occasion. The Palm Beach Gardens woman, 28, said she fears that just being on the waiting list at the University of Miami transplant center won’t save her.

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“The doctor told me since I’m young and have been on dialysis for awhile, it’s a priority that I get a kidney. Scary thing I found out is that being on dialysis can cause heart problems. Please help me!” Hodge said in her Craigslist note.

Hodge is trying to tap the throngs who visit Craigslist to see the 50 million classified ads posted every month, most of which are peddling items and services.

Hodge posted her appeal in May and again last week. Since reported by an Orlando-area TV station on Monday, Hodge has received hundreds of emails from news outlets, well-wishers and at least one person – a Broward County nurse – who offered to undergo blood tests to see if she’s a match to donate a kidney.
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  • Spoke to 1 of my many doctors and was told that I've definitely beat the odds of having a transplant. Usually ppl... 2 weeks ago
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  • When God has his hands on U, he'll handle the people that got their mouth on U. 💪 3 weeks ago
  • Sometimes the worst situations are blessings in disguise. GM 🌍 1 month ago
  • 5 yrs & 5 months 💪 Happy Kidney Transplant Day Stephanie! Thank U for saving my life! I 💚 U with all my kidneys😘 1 month ago