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PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — Selina Hodge, 28, is never alone at night. She spends nine hours hooked to a dialysis machine.

Hodge was born with spina bifida. Her kidneys started to fail a few years ago. She was put on a kidney transplant list in September, but Hodge said she fears the waiting list won’t save her.

That’s when her mother had an idea.

“I’m always on Craigslist just looking at things,” Hodge said. “And my mom told me to post on Craigslist about me needing a kidney.”

Hodge said she gave it a try in May but didn’t get a response.

“I just renewed it, like, almost two weeks ago, and that’s when everything was just, wow,” Hodge said.

Hodge said she received more than 300 emails from strangers.

Many people offered prayers, and some even offered to get tested to be a possible donor.

Hodge said the response has been overwhelming, and she’s responding to the emails as quickly as she can.

“I’m so thankful, you know, letting me know there’s still kind-hearted people out there in the world,” Hodge said. “It’s like, wow, people still care.”

Hodge said she hopes to get a transplant before the end of the year.

“My birthday is New Year’s Eve,” Hodge said. “I’m hoping that will be my birthday gift.”

Hodge can be reached at

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